Terms of Service

Our Terms


Please read the following notice before using our service. Use of the service and its features means that you have accepted the applicable terms and conditions. Violating or ignoring any of the following terms and conditions will result in sanctions to account cancellation with or without notice.


Hosting service at Dihostingin.com is a service in the form of renting a place or space to put your website and your content on our server. Customers get hosting service access rights in accordance with the subscription period and usage rules set forth in this agreement.
Following are the use of hosting services that are not allowed:
– It is forbidden to use Auto-Blog, AGC or those that burden server processes
– Prohibited from using proxy programs, movie players and so on
– It is forbidden to use for file hosting, video hosting and image hosting and so on
– Do not upload viruses, malware and so on
– Do not use for phishing, hacking, etc.
– Prohibited from using Free domains such as co.cc, co.tv, .tk, .ga .gc, .ml, .cf and so on
– It is prohibited to use excessive cronjob so that it burdens the server
– Prohibited SPAM Email and High Database Process Use
– It is forbidden to create a website or data that violates the applicable law in Indonesia


The domain registration, transfer and renewal service at Dihostingin.com does not guarantee that all domains that you wish to register, transfer and renew can be registered, transfer and renew until notification of registration, transfer and extension of the domain is successful. Registration and Use of Domain Names are subject to registrar terms and conditions that apply in Indonesia.

Domains registered by the customer are temporary by registering and extending the domain name, the customer has access rights with a specified validity period.

Deleting a Domain Name for violating the ITE Law of the Republic of Indonesia is not our responsibility.


Backlink services, website, landingpage, theme installation and other services are services that are carried out within the specified time and delays due to negligence of our customers are not responsible for service delays.

We are not responsible for content that customers provide which is copyrighted such as images, audio, video and so on.

Customers must pay in full for services and follow the queue of work, Service Work is calculated every Monday to Friday.


Prospective customers who want to use the services from Dihostingin.com and register both online and offline by inputting data completely and correctly in accordance with the customer’s identity and immediately update the data if there are further changes and are willing to work together to verify data.

Negligence of leaking customer data due to invalid data or caused by customers themselves such as uncomplicated passwords etc. is the customer’s own responsibility.

Dihostingin.com does not provide your data to anyone who requests it except for the authorities in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia

Dihostingin.com has the right to deactivate, reject and delete if there is invalid data.


Payment for Services at Dihostingin.com must be in accordance with existing bills in the Dihostingin.com member area and use the specified currency that can be accepted by Dihostingin.com.

Instant payments that are labeled (Automatic) will be activated automatically, errors in inputting the bill amount are the customer’s own responsibility. If within 15 minutes the automatic inactivity, the customer must contact us to confirm payment.

Dihostingin.com is not responsible for negligence of customers who forget payment confirmations and risk expiring or lost domains, Hosting is suspended, Hosting is deleted from the server, Server is deleted, Service delays and various other risks.

All account bills will be issued based on the date the account was first activated. If you do not pay your bills on time then your account will be deleted from the server & not get any backups.


Dihostingin Hosting is not responsible for any damage that may occur in your business. Dihostingin Hosting makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied on the service we provide. This includes loss of data due to delays, no deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions caused by Dihostingin Hosting and employees.

Dihostingin Hosting reject improvements within the existing website hosting, because we are not a developer’s website each client but only hosting provider. Please order the Website Repair Services at Dihostingin.com.


You agree not to use excessive hosting resources such as CPU, RAM and Disk Space, causing high server loads and disrupting services to other users. DiHostingin Hosting provides unlimited hosting services for all websites with normal needs such as general websites. DiHostingin.com Hosting does not permit the use of websites or applications that continuously overload the server.

DiHostingin.com Hosting requires all our clients to use our services for personal or business websites with normal activities. Personal and business websites with normal activities will generally not cause server overload. Website with abnormal activities will cause the use of large server resources and have an impact on other clients in the same server. Generally, clients who overload our server if they use their account for storing files or file sharing and try scripts to query servers that are burdensome and are not permitted on our services.

DiHostingin Hosting is a web hosting company and all files uploaded in DiHostingin Hosting are for website creation purposes. Storing files or data containing Copyright, Gambling, Pornography and Violating the Law of the Republic of Indonesia ITE Act will result in the file or data being deleted without notification until the account is deleted.

“Unlimited Hosting” Conditions

Dihostingin.com provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth (data transfer) on Marketer and business packages. This means that Dihostingin.com will not set specific limits for resources and you can use the resources needed. However Dihostingin.com uses a Fair Usage Policy that applies to all accounts. Dihostingin.com Fair Usage Policy explains that if you use resources in the form of CPU, RAM, and Disk Space from a server that causes excessive use of interference to other hosting accounts on the same server, then the resources will be limited or in some cases, but not necessarily, your account might be deactivated before you upgrade your account to a package that is better suited to your needs or solve problems so that the use of resources on the account no longer causes interference to other users on the same server. Dihostingin.com provides unlimited hosting services for all websites with normal needs as in general websites. Dihostingin.com does not allow the use of websites or applications that can cause interference (such as excessive use of domain addons and databases of more than 2GB) and continuous overload on the server.

Dihostingin.com is a web hosting company and all files uploaded on Dihostingin.com are for website creation purposes. Disk space on Dihostingin.com hosting account cannot be used for: Backup storage, online storage, file-sharing services, Film storage, Photo storage, Software storage, copyrighted file storage content, illegal file storage, illegal, pornography, or harassment, document archives or other types of archives, backup files (with the exception of a single cPanel backup generated from cPanel), or log files. Dihostingin.com has the right to delete the file from the user’s account with or without notification to the client, even to delete the account. Dihostingin.com also has the right to delete a single file larger than 500MB from the user’s account without considering the contents of the file with or without notification to the client. Dihostingin.com also has the right to clean user accounts by deleting files that have file type criteria that may not be hosted on Dihostingin.com services, with or without notice to clients.

Dihostingin.com shared hosting services are not specific to the use of mail hosting. Dihostingin.com has the right to deactivate accounts that use email with disk space of more than 5 GB until the shared hosting account is upgraded by the client for VPS services where such restrictions are not applied.

Dihostingin.com has a fair usage policy regarding file inodes on all shared hosting services. The fair use policy of inodes is 75,000 for Simple packages and 150,000 for Business packages.


You can cancel the use of our services at any time. Dihostingin.com Hosting provides a money back guarantee for the first 30 days of use. Refunds only apply to the first account. For example, if you previously have an account at DiHostingin.com Hosting, then cancellation and refund does not apply to the second account and so on. Registration fees, domain transfers, SSL certificates, cloud servers, dedicated servers, colocation, licenses, reseller domains, deposits, services and domain purchases are non-refundable. Violation of the terms of use of our services will remove the refund policy.

Customers make REFUND requests no later than 30 days from the purchase of service, If it’s too late then the funds will be processed REFUND to Dihostingin.com account balance

The Finance and Billing Team will re-verify your payment

Funds that can be refunded Minimum IDR 100,000 (before deduction – if any). If it is under IDR 100,000, it will automatically be entered into DEPOSIT.

DEPOSIT funds cannot be disbursed for any reason

REFUND administration fee of 5000


You and everyone who has access to your account must evaluate and assume the risks associated with the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of your website content. We reserve the right to remove content that we believe is pornographic, threatening, illegal, violates the terms of use of our services or applicable laws with or without notice.

If in doubt regarding the acceptance of your website or service, please contact us at [email protected] for further information and consultation.

There is no tolerance for spamming activities. We do not tolerate sending unsolicited emails, mass emails and spam. “Safe lists”, lists bought, and sold will be treated as spam. All user accounts that are spamming will be suspended with or without notice.


You use this service at your own risk. Our backup service works once a week, overwriting all the backups that have been made before and only the last one week backup will be saved. We are not responsible for lost and / or corrupted files (including, for example, system crashes, security breaches or hard disk failures). You agree to backup your files and data stored on our server.

Restoration of backup files that were deleted from our server due to late payment of bills and for any other reason we charge a restore fee of Rp 50,000 per backup maximum 10GB.

By registering at Dihostingin.com Hosting, your email will automatically be added to our mailing list. We reserve the right to send promotional emails. You can unsubscribe from our promotional e-mail by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of our e-mail.


You agree that you must defend, protect, save and not endanger Dihostingin Hosting from any and all claims, obligations, losses, fees and claims, including reasonable attorneys’ fees that attack / oppose Dihostingin Hosting, agents, customers, officers and employees, which it may be due to the services provided or performed or all products sold by customers, agents, employees or assigned tasks. You agree to defend, compensate for and not endanger Dihostingin Hosting for obligations arising from:

  1. Any errors that occur to people or property caused by products sold or distributed are related to Dihostingin Hosting
  2. All or any material provided by customers that violates or is alleged to violate third party ownership rights
  3. Copyright infringement
  4. all defective products are sold to customers from the Dihostingin Hosting server.


Dihostingin Hosting can disclose user information to law enforcement agencies or other authorities if required by applicable laws and regulations without further approval or notification to the user. We cooperate with law enforcement whenever necessary and to the extent required by law.


Dihostingin Hosting reserves the right to change its policies at any time without notice.

Dihostingin Hosting and users agree to resolve disputes deliberately to reach consensus. If the dispute cannot be resolved by deliberation, it will be resolved in accordance with the applicable legal provisions in Indonesia.



We guarantee that our network, data center HVAC and power will be functioning 99.9% of the time on any given month, with the following exceptions:

  • Any period prior to the problem being reported by you to our support team.
  • Planned migrations.
  • Server shutdown due to account suspension.
  • Factors outside our control, such as force majeure events, failure of our upstream providers or your ISP.
  • Software running within your virtual servers.
  • Actions of third parties, such as server compromises, denial of service attacks and viruses.
  • Violations of our Acceptable Usage Policy.
  • User activity errors.